R.I.P My Boo Boo

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So I have been at my new command for about a year now and to be honest it is not all that bad. Then again I am on shore duty and not on a ship. 

I am working hard to get done what I am supposed to get done, but yea you always have other stuff that get in the way. 

Nobody should be scared about the fleet because guess what half these people don’t what they are doing either. Not to mention it’s just a job. 

*shrugs shoulders* 

Just having fun while I can :-)

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I havent posted since I left for boot. I am now out of boot camp and one month into my second school. I don’t know if I am scared anymore except for the fleet. I have been not in the fleet so long that im nervous that I will mess up.

i really dont know why i am writing any of this….no one is going to read this. 

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I really didnt no what to name this post, but i leave in 8 days and i am scared to death. i just wish someone could help me out of this nightmare that i am happy and jus make it happy for me somehow…..